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Mr. David Král (Czech MFA) Will Give a Speech at the International Conference “Europe Inspiring”

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Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies invites students, Ph.D. students, academics, as well as general public to the 19th year of the International Conference of Young Scholars Prague 2015 (ICYS), this year about “Europe Inspiring”.

The key note speech will be given by Mr. David Král, the Director of the Policy Planning Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, on Friday, 24 April, at 9:15 a.m., in room NB A (New Building of VŠE). Mr. Král graduated from the Law Faculty at Charles University in Prague. He was the director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy since 2000 until 2014. You can read some papers by him e.g. here.

Also Ph.D. students from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Hungary, Macedonia, Nigeria, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, or Ukraine will present topics such as:

  • Foreign and security policy
  • Development, environment, and future
  • Latin America
  • Immigration
  • European economy
  • Internal divisions
  • Eastern Europe and partnership
  • Defence, technology, and space

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Call for papers

The conference will be held on Friday, 24 April 2015, from 9:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. in the New Building (NB) of the University of Economics, Prague.

Entrance is free, no registration. The conference is held in English.